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Ukraine’s presidential election a triumph for billionaire Petro Poroshenko

On May 25 in Kiev, Lviv, and Kharkiv citizens stood in 3-hour-long lines in order to cast their votes in one of the most important presidential elections since Ukraine achieved its independence in 1991. Without any doubt, this election was a huge improvement, compared with previous failed attempts to bring about a game-changing democratic leader. Previous elections were marred by extensive bribes, unofficial and improper use of government resources on political campaigns for various candidates as well as shadowy political negotiations.

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It’s all about Ukraine: An overview

These are tough times for Ukraine, a country in Eastern Europe situated between Russia and Poland. Divided for most of its existence, the state has been serving as a buffer for disputes between East and West ever since its declaration of independence in 1991, thus denying it the opportunity to rebuild its own economy and political and social systems, all the while being pressured by Russian politics and excluded from being part of the expanding European Union to its west.

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