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Womens’ self defense gets some style

There’s a growing trend in the firearms and self-defense industries of marketing exclusively to women. From the pink-colored Beretta Nano 9mm to surprisingly stylish conceal-carry purses, manufacturers are increasingly zeroing in on this once-overlooked demographic.

One such company, Damsel in Defense, a direct sales company, takes that emphasis to the next level with a laser-like focus. According to regional representative Jamie DeJesus, Damsel in Defense provides products that instill “confidence to know that [women] are protected if a situation arises.” Founded in 2011, the company donates a portion of all proceeds to charities, such as RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), WipeEveryTear.org, and Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS).

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Arming Sisters: documenting the empowerment of indigenous women

The greatest draw of crowdfunding websites, such as Kickstarter, is the discovery of unique and wonderful projects that may not otherwise come to fruition. One such project which deserves our support is a planned film by Willow O’Feral and Brad Heck titled Arming Sisters Documentary Film. The documentary will follow the non-profit Arming Sisters, an organization aimed at “using women’s self defense as a tool to bring about empowerment, self love, & ownership of body to indigenous women across the US & Canada.”

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Guardian Angels Regional Director Presents Personal Defense Primer

Amidst repeated city administration assertions of falling crime, Guardian Angels Pennsylvania Regional Director Jason Weston and his wife, Stacy, presented a review of basic self defense tactics to the Parsons Crime Watch group on the evening of June 20. About two dozen were in attendance at the Austin Street Primitive Methodist Church to observe Weston’s demonstrating counter maneuvers to front and rear chokes, bear hugs, front shirt grabs, and similar types of assault.

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