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Checkers and chess: The real story behind the Gitmo prisoner trade

The United States will most likely kill the newly released prisoners and their associates within the next few years, through the use of biometric tracking and drone strikes. This is not a simple prisoner exchange, but more likely a complex covert operation designed to root out enemy leaders in hiding while the average man on the street chalks this up to government incompetence.

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Ukraine’s presidential election a triumph for billionaire Petro Poroshenko

On May 25 in Kiev, Lviv, and Kharkiv citizens stood in 3-hour-long lines in order to cast their votes in one of the most important presidential elections since Ukraine achieved its independence in 1991. Without any doubt, this election was a huge improvement, compared with previous failed attempts to bring about a game-changing democratic leader. Previous elections were marred by extensive bribes, unofficial and improper use of government resources on political campaigns for various candidates as well as shadowy political negotiations.

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Beware of the Heartbleed bug

Heartbleed. It’s a word that almost instantly became synonymous with unprotected software and malicious attacks. We live in a world where the lifeblood of communication, productivity, and innovation relies heavily upon the interconnectivity of machines. Amoral electrical impulses flood our world with data and knowledge, with the moral use of those signals lying solely with the user. Herein lies the greatest challenge to modern day computing: known as blackhat hackers, these netizens carry the unique distinction of causing mayhem online, whether through identity theft, website defacement, or sailing the burgeoning seas of bitcoin theft. Heartbleed is the most recent high-profile bug, and one which allows hackers to carry out malicious attacks on unsuspecting companies and users.

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