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Free Speech, Controlled Speech: the precipice of a new America

It is the nature of man, as a creature of comfort, to want to surround himself not only with comfortable things, but also with the comfort of conformity among those in his community. This is the driving force, I believe, in the establishment of laws, norms, and etiquette. As generations have passed, the human population has seen exponential growth and now opinions and inevitable dissent to them are as common as they are diverse. This is not a bad thing, though, as they are the building blocks of a civil society — how we shape our social structure.

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PA Senate Education Committee and Election Year. Coincidence?

When I became chair of the PA Senate Education Committee, I decided to focus on students and their parents. If education is truly about children, they should always be the focus. However, most of my time as Chair has very little to do with students or parents. Rather, it’s mostly about money. And, it’s often about the employment of adults.

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Calguns Foundation to Sheriff: ‘Fix Your Handgun License Policy’ (or face litigation)

The Calguns Foundation fights for Second Amendment rights in California, and they have been a leading advocate on behalf of Jon Birdt in his lawsuit against San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office for refusal to issue a conceal-carry permit. On September 3, United States District Court of California, on recommendation of Magistrate Judge.

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