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LEAKED Custody4Cash video: Lackawanna courts want this video taken down … why?

When was the right to free speech, once protected by the First Amendment, declared illegal? When the courts decided what—where and when—could by spoken of or report on; that is when. When GAG ORDERS issued by courts against the press, litigants, professionals, and non-litigants became a popular form of intimidation; that is when. Judge for yourself whether or not this video needs to be removed.

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Sanity Check Radio Show interview: Andy Ostrowski on Custody4Cash

Congressional candidate (PA-11) Andy Ostrowski joins Lou and Mike to offer his valuable insights—as a practicing civil rights attorney and judicial reform advocate—into the dynamics that have led to developments such as Kids for Cash and Custody for Cash. In a word, the lawyers within the system have been “acculturated.” Ostrowski also discusses his bid to unseat Congressman Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania’s 11th District. One of Ostrowski’s campaign emphases: restoring the true meaning of the “consent of the governed.”

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