Solutions Institute’s Online Activist Conference (ActCon) set for Feb 7. Speakers include John Wells, Derrick Broze, Ben Swann

The Solutions Institute (founded by Dan Johnson of PANDA) is proud to host an activist online training conference featuring over 15 experts from a variety of fields – in a format designed to give you everything you need to take on the world from the comfort of your home.

It’s time to take your passion to new heights.

Each ticket gets you an all-access pass to the entire conference, along with the chance to participate in a LIVE Q&A with several of the speakers.

Tickets are $5 off until January 15th with promo code SI50!

Save an additional $5 from now to February 7 with promo code MUCK, sponsored by Muckraker, Inc.

Our Speakers Include:

John B. Wells
Former host of Coast to Coast AM, the largest nighttime radio show in the world
Topic: What make a good radio host, and what makes a good radio guest

Derrick Broze
With the help of the organization he started, the Houston Free Thinkers, he kicked the TSA out of the Houston bus system
Topic: How he was able to remove one of the most stalwart agencies from his public transportation, and how you can duplicate it in your town.

Ben Swann
Two-time Emmy award winning journalist, only journalist to interview President on Kill List, NDAA
Topic: TBD

Brandon Keibler
He helped start a national organization to fight the National Security agency’s domestic spying overreach…at 14.
Topic: Why young people get involved, and what inspired him to take up real activism at such a young age.

Additional speakers could include:

Anthony Antonello – Expert in video confrontations of politicians, corporate titans, and other visible figures

Wil Brown – Expert in crowd psychology and how to use it to your advantage in activism

Jason Casella – National Director, People Against the NDAA (PANDA), has beaten sustainable development

Isa Hodge – Expert in media messaging

Dan Johnson – President of SI, PANDA Founder

Daphne Lee – “I’m just a mom” speech to county commission over banning indefinite detention went viral, with over 300,000 views

Steve Sarich – Founder of Cannacare, expert in Marijuana legalization and the pitfalls legalization activists face.

There are hundreds of groups across the country that will teach you why you should get involved. Our activist speakers all have huge issues and larger passions for them, but will focus on the process that got them to where they are. This conference will focus on the how-to, so you can turn your passion, and ideas into action, and take your existing activism to new heights.