Checkers and chess: The real story behind the Gitmo prisoner trade

The United States will most likely kill the newly released prisoners and their associates within the next few years, through the use of biometric tracking and drone strikes. This is not a simple prisoner exchange, but more likely a complex covert operation designed to root out enemy leaders in hiding while the average man on the street chalks this up to government incompetence.

Behind the scenes, U.S. operatives are constantly playing a high stakes game of chess while the general public thinks they are playing checkers — and that’s the way they like it. History is replete with examples, but the political narrative is always about spinning one side against the other in front of the cameras while our operatives silently go about their duties.

The timing of the five-for-one trade may indeed have a political element, but all the critical pieces have been in place for some time now.

The prisoners that Obama released could be executed while they resided at Gitmo, but they can now be killed on the battlefield of Afghanistan at a future date. Having long exhausted their strategic value behind bars they have become sacrificial pawns to be used to acquire more highly valued targets and information.

Those thinking short-term will perceive this trade as an unbalanced exchange. A possible deserter for five high ranking bad guys doesn’t make much sense. It is so imbalanced that even Democratic supporters are questioning the President’s decision. This is the tip-off to there being more going on than meets the eye.

Taking a play right out of one of Obama’s favorite TV shows, Homeland, this trade will reintroduce high-value targets back “into the wild” that may eventually lead us to bigger fish after their one-year hiatus in Qatar. This tactic of “catch and release” has been used time and time again, whether with Mafia goons or war zone bad guys. It is highly effective in exposing hidden players.

The CIA/NSA/DIA are not made up of stupid people. The technologies at their disposal are right out of the latest Star Trek film. The current black projects and technologies are already over a decade or more ahead of what the average man on the street is even aware. Implantable, hard-to-detect RFID chips and other biometric markers are no exception.These former Gitmo detainees will be tracked 24/7.

Take for example the latest ARGUS system, very few people actually know this, but it can actually identify objects as small as 6” while operating over an area the size of a medium city. Just one ARGUS drone could do the work of 100 Predator drones, with the ability to track practically everything within a 10-square-mile area . . . from no less than 20,000 feet. Two of these systems could effectively blanket all of Manhattan. And these are only the capabilities that they are willing to officially acknowledge. The technological progression is always toward smaller, lighter, faster, more powerful, and more complex functions. Chips that once had limited range, and were the size of a grain of rice, are advancing constantly — much like your cell phone. DARPA is publicly working on chipping even our own soldiers.

The biomarker implants that are currently being used in places like Mexico to recover kidnapping victims, pale in comparison to what is now at the government’s disposal. Remember, stealth fighters were kept a secret for well over a decade. A few short years ago you would have been laughed at for even suggesting that the government would be able to turn on both your cell phone microphone and camera without your knowledge, as well as track you wherever you went. What do you think they can do now?

Thanks to Edward Snowden, we have learned that the surveillance tools in the government’s hands are far more powerful than we ever imagined. Similar and more classified tools have been implemented all over the battlefields of both Iraq and Afghanistan where there are no constitutional restrictions. These former Gitmo prisoners will always be in the crosshairs, tracked and monitored much like we do now with animals in our national parks, and at some point of our choosing . . . probably killed in yet another drone strike.


Sorry, but that is progressive thinking in fantasy to even begin to believe this government could pull anything more complex than visiting a burger joint to talk with kids making over $10 an hour. NSA, CIA, DIA smart?  So smart that Snowden made them a laughing stock and exposed the idiots for what they truly are.  Terrorists.