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Custody for Cash

New scandal rocks PA county court system.

DROPOUTJEEP: Apple likely assisted NSA

All iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) have exploit used by NSA .
Lackawanna, PA courts want this video taken down … why?

Obama Worse Than Bush On Civil Liberties Abuses

Now that the President has been exposed by the likes of concerned patriots like Edward Snowden, he is running around trying to rescue his legacy and save face.

Young Americans for Liberty

Photos from the YAL 2014 PA State Convention
  • Silence is Compliance: The paradigm shift
    That we face an uphill battle is abundantly clear. That is, if one’s stance lie on the side of individual liberty, self ownership, and property rights, and against a police state, surveillance society — in general, if one does not want others to have the final say in how he lives his own life. With the fascist government/corporate hybrid that never stops introducing new programs, rules, regulations, and laws that restrict human behavior and interaction — yet never seems to offer more liberty or freedom — it should be obvious that the logical and natural conclusion to this pattern is complete totalitarianism. Examples can be seen in federal legislation such as the USA PATRIOT Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), in states with laws like New York’s “Safe Act,” which makes it nearly impossible to have any type of gun, even in your own house, and in the “new standard” in government-run education termed Common Core. Curiously, it seems that the Common Core Standards are supported by nobody, except for the individuals who have vested interests in the federal initiative, of course. more...
  • It’s all about Ukraine: An overview
    These are tough times for Ukraine, a country in Eastern Europe situated between Russia and Poland. Divided for most of its existence, the state has been serving as a buffer for disputes between East and West ever since its declaration of independence in 1991, thus denying it the opportunity to rebuild its own economy and political and social systems, all the while being pressured by Russian politics and excluded from being part of the expanding European Union to its west. more...
  • Gag orders: Further evidence of an out-of-control judiciary?
    A stream of testimonials continues to flow into the Independent Gazette from all over Pennsylvania and beyond regarding the abuse of judicial power rampant in family courts. In addition to verbal threats and intimidation, multiple sources claim the courts are issuing gag orders to guarantee silence in custody cases involving the physical and sexual abuse of children. Judges are forbidding both litigants and non-litigants alike from speaking not only to media, but even to their own family members. more...
  • Turkey plans false flag war with Syria
    Turkey decided to clamp down on several web sites the last week of March for exposing a recently leaked discussion by high-ranking government officials. The controversial recording captured a planned false flag incident that would justify Turkey’s military intervention into bordering Syria. This leak, and the government’s response to try to silence its dissemination, has significant implications of global importance. It appears this NATO country is willing to attack itself if it would further its leaders’ political agenda, and in the process, inadvertently help expose another example of mainstream media censorship. more...


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